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Green Development

Green Development

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To Build an Enterprise with Green Mountains and Clear Waters

Anhui Great New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., with years of experience in the green rubber development and taking the Green Concept as the sustainable development foundation, will explore the needs for green rubber in the domestic and overseas market and strive to realize the energy conservation, emission reduction, efficiency improving, and products’ performances enhancement by incorporating core technologies and technological innovations.

Fundamental Policy:
To incorporate the Green Concept into the marketing, R&D, manufacturing and the product’s whole life cycle. To build the fundamental policy of “Innovation-driven, Quality-prioritized, and Green-oriented”.

Green Development:
“Green and Intelligent” as the mainstream and trend will be the manufacturers’ transformation orientation.

Green Energy:
To take the combustible mixed gases generated by anaerobic smoldering from the natural bio-based sources such as the straw and agricultural or forestry waste as the dry energy, the biomass ash as the raw materials, and the special carbonization method to produce the Bio-based Silicon Dioxide.

Green Technology:
Our products can meet the requirements of the tyre labelling regulations, Double A Level Tyre, and EU Reach Regulations, etc., break the overseas monopoly, replace the imported products, fill in the domestic gap, and will become the leading company in the subdivided market very soon.

Green Spirit:
Our company will proactively take actions in the whole life cycle including product designs, technological innovations, manufacturing management and product launches, etc., positively take the responsibilities for the environmental protection, and thus build a green, intelligent and novel manufacturing enterprise.

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